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4-star Superior Wellness Hotel in Sesto - Bad Moos Specials

Let yourself be pampered with alpine mountain flowers, herbs and plants of the surrounding area in the Spa area of the 4 star Superior Resort in Alta Pusteria


Arnica Ritual

During this ritual, a warm arnica pack with regenerative and revitalising effect is applied to the back. We then carry out a full massage with a moisturising balm to stimulate the circulation and promote an all-round sense of health and wellbeing.

ca. 80 mins. € 110

Vulcania Trilogy

Three different clays for different parts of the body will stimulate your skins’ regeneration processes. The inertia of time and routine can, and must, make way for the freshness and vitality of sulphur water.

2 persons
45 mins.
€ 45 (price per person)
3/4 persons
45 mins.
€ 38 (price per person)

For an even more complete treatment, we recommend to complete with a Hot Stone massage of 50 mins. for a total price of €105 per person.


The Thai foot massage stimulates the legs and feet by means of selective pressure and stretching movements, with the aim of opening up the energy pathways - known as the “Sen”. Thai massage improves the circulation and the flexibility of the joints. It is especially suited to tired, swollen or heavy legs. By acting on the energy channels and reflex points of the internal organs, it restores the balance of our integral energy system.

75 mins.
€ 120



The Maori massage is a deep-acting muscle massage with which various utensils made of beech wood are also used, such as sticks, spheres and hemispheres. The “inventor” of this relaxing, diuretic and blockage-relieving massage is Duilio La Tegola. Originating from the tattoos of the Maori, the original inhabitants of New Zealand, with this massage the master aimed to pick up on the rituals with which the Maori priests once helped their people to gain strength, courage and power.

Back and legs - 50 mins.
€ 80

Whole body - 75 mins.
€ 120


PINDA SWEDA is an ayurvedic massage that originally comes from India and was practised by the Hindu Swami order. The special feature of this massage is that it is carried out with small, oil-soaked herbal sacks which release the active ingredients in the herbs during the treatment and in the process combine the healing power of the warming oil with the relaxing effect of aromatherapy. Pinda Sweda is a deep-acting relaxation massage that calms our spirit, relaxes our body and stimulates the natural healing powers of our cells.

50 mins.
€ 80

75 mins.
€ 120

Specials - New this season
Limited to certain times of the year.


The key to looking younger. This method works directly on the deeper layers of the skin and slows the ageing process. Not only does the manual stimulation of muscles, ligaments, fascias and fat pads have a positive effect on our beauty, but also on our whole body, since by releasing suppressed emotions and fears, the cause of many worry lines also disappears. And as the facial muscles and posture are directly connected, the treatment has the effect of promoting the circulation and can alleviate neck pains. Viso’Key is individually tailored to you and your specific needs.

Manual treatment only - 75 mins.
€ 165
Additional use of care products and masks - 110 mins.
€ 205


This treatment stimulates the reflex points in our face, makes the skin firmer and smooths the facial features. It acts like a deep cleanse, which reactivates the microcirculation of the skin and has a diuretic effect whilst stimulating the production of collagen. Dien Chan uses specific instruments and techniques from Vietnamese multi-reflex zone massage and stimulates the reflex points in our face that are assigned to certain organs, muscles etc. The aim: beauty through wellbeing. Through the deep treatment the whole body is brought back into balance. This is because when we feel good and in harmony, this is reflected in our faces.

50 mins.
€ 90

75 mins.
€ 130
The Tre Cime a massive
of the Dolomites of Sesto
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