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Hikes in the Dolomites of Sesto - Alta Pusteria

Sesto and Val Pusteria offer countless hiking trails and walks amidst of the unique mountains of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site

Hiking around the Bad Moos – Dolomites Spa Resort
In the heart of the Dolomites, one of the most beautiful areas of South Tyrol.

There are both leisurely walks and challenging hikes around the Bad Moos – Dolomites Spa Resort. The route from the hotel through the Fischlein Valley and up to the Drei Zinnen hut, with its view of the famous Three Peaks, is an absolute classic, as are the excursions to the Alpe Nemes hut, the Kreuzberg mountain pass and Kreuzberg peak or to the Klammbachalm alpine farm. The cable car up to the Rotwand meadows starts just a few metres from the hotel. The walk through the larch forest to the Talschluss hut at the head of the valley with views of the rocky outlines of the Sexten Sundial is an unforgettable experience all year round. Depending on the season, there are enchanting colours and scents along the way. In the springtime there are crocuses and gentians, in the summer arnica and columbine, followed by autumn crocuses, while the smell of hay wafts over the meadows from the old wooden hay sheds.

Nordic walking and guided hikes
You can also enjoy the fantastic views of the craggy Dolomite peaks while practising Nordic walking. The hotel’s fitness trainer can teach you the correct technique. In addition, the hotel’s programme of activities includes regular guided hikes.

Walking trails around Sesto

Sesto - Monte di Mezzo - Monte Elmo Hut
Walking time: 1 ½ hrs.
Altitude difference: 350 m
Asphalted road to Monte di Mezzo; then wide forest road

Sesto - Kinigerhöfe - Moso
Walking time: 40 min
Altitude difference: 70 m
Highly recommended walk through fields; benches

Moso - Masi Villgrater - Froneben
Walking time: 1 hour
Altitude difference: 210 m
Forest path with a moderate incline, resting benches along the way

Moso - Alpe Nemes
Walking time: 2 hrs.
Altitude difference: 550 m
Mainly forest and meadow paths, slight incline, resting benches along the way

Malga Klammbach - Alpe Nemes hut
Walking time: 1 ½ hrs.
Particularly rewarding hike on the alp with little difference in altitude

Passo Monte Croce - Alpe Nemes hut
Walking time: 1 ½ hrs.
Altitude difference: 300 m

Moso - Passo Monte Croce - forest path to Monte Croce
Walking time: 2 hrs.
Altitude difference: 300m
Easy hike through shady forests

Sesto - San Candido
Walking time: 2 hrs.
Rewarding, easy hike with little difference in altitude

Sesto - Dreischusterhütte (forest path to Innerfeldtal)
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs.
Easy hike

Moso - Lärchen hut
Walking time: 2 ¼ hrs.
Altitude difference: 450 m
Pleasant hike with rewarding views from Monte di Mezzo

Beautiful forest path to the Fischlein Valley
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs.
Marking: red-white-red no. 1A
Altitude difference: 200 m

Rewarding walking path with benches

Near the main square in Sesto, cross the “Schießstand” bridge, then ascend about 50 metres to a barn, turn left and follow the path between the field fences. At the edge of the forest, turn left and hike along the fields until you reach a wider path coming from Moso. Continuing uphill, you'll reach the ruins of the Haideck fortress. The path then continues almost flat through the woods and meadows, then through mountain pine groves to the Dolomitenhof. From there a wide path, which is closed to traffic, leads to the Talschlußhütte. On the final section of the hike you can enjoy unforgettable views of the Dolomites of Sesto.

Moso - Malga Klammbach
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs.
Marking: red-white-red no. 13
Altitude difference: 600 m

Mostly forest paths, slight incline

At the church in Moso, an asphalt path turns left, which immediately becomes a forest road. This path leads along the gorge of the Rio Sesto and through dense spruce forests, offering repeated views of the Dolomites of Sesto. After about 2 hours you reach the Saumahd, the border of the Alpe Nemes. At the high wayside cross, an old forest marker, a level path continues to the Alpe Nemes hut, while a good hiking trail ascends to the Malga Klammbach (snack station) on the left.

Sesto - Forest Chapel
Walking time: 1 hour
Marking: red-white-red no. 4d
Altitude difference: 230 m

Short, recommendable walk

Starting from the village square, we ascend the mountain path to the Hößler farms, then turn left and follow the field path to the Ladstätterhof at the forest edge. From there, we walk through the woods, across meadows, and once again into the shade of the fir trees, where we soon encounter the Peace Chapel. During World War I, it served as an emergency church for the farmers since the parish church had been destroyed by artillery fire.

Hiking suggestions

Sesto - Elmo
Walking time: 4 hrs.
Altitude difference: 1100 m
Somewhat strenuous hike with magnificent views of the Pustertal valley and the Sesto Dolomites

Prati di Croda Rossa - Passo Monte Croce
Walking time: 2 hrs.
Sunny high-altitude trail with views of the meadows of Alpe Nemes

Moso - Croda Rossa meadows
Walking time: 1 ½ hrs.
Altitude difference: 600 m
Easy mountain hike on forest paths with a moderate ascent

Croda Rossa meadows - Cima Lasta
Walking time: ¾ hrs.
Altitude difference: 300 m
Somewhat steeper but rewarding panoramic walk from the Croda Rossa meadows

Croda Rossa meadows - Costoni di Croda Rossa
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs.
Altitude difference: 600 m
A panoramic circular route with resting benches; requires surefootedness

Sesto - Monte Casella di Fuori
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs.
Shady forest path with magnificent views of Sesto and the Carnic ridge

Sesto - Monte Casella di Dentro
Walking time: 2 ½ hrs + descent 1 ½ hrs.
Forest path with extensive view from the summit

Moso - Col Quaternà
Walking time: 5 ½ hrs.
Altitude difference: 1,200 m

Forest and alpine paths with steep ascent in the last section
From the Alpe Nemes hut, follow a gently ascending forest path towards the east to the valley floor. The trail then climbs in several serpentines to the pass, Kniebergriedl, and from there, a path leads over the southeast ridge to the summit. In the final section, you'll encounter remains from World War I. The pyramid-shaped mountain, constantly in view during the hike, offers extensive views of the Popera Group and Sesto Dolomites.

Moso - ridge hike - Elmo
Walking time: 8 hrs.
Markings: no. 146, no. 160, no. 402;

Scenic, very long hike

Starting from Kniebergriedl (see the description above), ascend in steep serpentines to the flat Obstanser Sattel with a decaying financial barracks; magnificent view of Obstanser See (lake) with the mountain hut of the same name. This is where the actual ridge trail begins, following the ridge line for its entire length, with the not particularly pronounced peaks mostly crossed directly. There is a hiking trail on both the Austrian and Italian sides, and white boundary stones mark the border. After about 4 hours (from the financial barracks), you'll reach the Sillianer Hütte (hut).
From here, follow a good trail towards the Elmo, bypassing Füllhorn on the western side. Throughout the hike, you'll enjoy magnificent views of the Pustertal Valley, Upper Comelico, the Dolomites and the Central Alps. Several remains of World War I fortifications can be found at various points along the way.
For those who don't want to ascend to the Elmo, take the broad path that traverses the alpine meadows towards the west and joins the trail that leads down from Elmo to Negerdorf and then continues to Sexten. Another option is to follow the broad path to Helmrestaurant, passing Hahnspielhütte, and then descend to Sexten using the cable car.
For those who want to save most of the ascent on this long hike, take the cable car up to Helmrestaurant and walk the ridge trail in the opposite direction.

Three Peaks Shuttle

Starting this summer, a daily shuttle bus to the famous Three Peaks will be offered exclusively for Sesto's guests. You can comfortably start your dream hike at the Rifugio Auronzo without a strenuous ascent and toll charges. For further information, please contact the Sesto Tourist Office: +39 0474710310.
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