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Termesana method - Wellness holiday at the Dolomites Spa Resort

The Termesana method promises physical and mental regeneration for a relaxing wellness holiday in Sesto

Our Termesana method flows forth from the principle of water, tradition and innovation.

An indivisible whole which we have created especially for you, a highly personalised philosophy of methodology based on tailored treatments. “A healthy body in a healthy mind” is our ultimate goal: Make yourself comfortable and we will accompany you, hand in hand, along the path of physical and mental regeneration that we call “all-life detox”.

At the Termesana, you can enjoy:

  • Personal interviews with health experts
  • Healing baths and mineral mudpacks
  • “Move & Balance” activity program

The use of glass bells, in addition to the manual massage from your therapist, allows us to stimulate the points and energy flows to relax, detoxify, promote fluid drainage and bring the body’s energy back into balance.


Please let us know if you suffer from any allergies or particular complaints!
The spa complex is a place of quiet and relaxation. We therefore ask that you be considerate at all times.

Please arrive at the spa reception five minutes before the start of your booked treatment.

If you arrive too late, the treatment will take place in a shortened form. (No price reduction will be given).

You can cancel the booked appointment up to 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise we will invoice you for the full cost of the treatment.

Dry yourself with the towel (which you can change at any time), so that your bathrobe stays dry.
You may change your bathrobe free of charge after three days - if you wish to change it at a shorter interval, there will be a charge.

The following applies in the sauna: towel yes, swimming costume no. Children are only allowed in the sauna on certain days and must be accompanied by their parents.

The Tre Cime a massive
of the Dolomites of Sesto
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