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Wellness & Spa Hotel in Sesto with own sulphur source

The 4 Star Superior Hotel Bad Moos in Sesto with wellness and health centre has its own sulphur source from Val Fiscalina

»If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.«

Loren Eiseley

Our water, precious elixir, has been classified as highly mineralised: Sulphur, fluoride, calcium and traces of iron, this rare source of life abounds with hygiene and health. The indisputable heart of the Termesana, it can be used for beauty baths and inhaled to give you innumerable benefit at all levels of being.

  • Digestive system
    The use of sulphur water is of enormous and varied benefit to the digestive system, with numerous positive effects on the digestive and assimilative processes.
  • Atmungsapparat
    When inhaled, the anti-inflammatory, mucolytic properties of these waters have a trophic effect on respiratory mucosa.
  • Musculoskeletal system
    Bathing in sulphur waters at a temperature of 35-37° has a therapeutic effect: It loosens muscles and has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect on the joints. Recent studies have demonstrated the positive effect of these waters on cartilage damage related to osteoarthrosis.
  • Integumentary system
    Used in bathing treatments, these waters favour a number of skin processes, including reactivation of microcirculation with a resultant improvement of trophism and capillary tone, and intense detoxification. Regeneration of skin cells is also stimulated.
  • Mothers and babies
    Due to its high fluoride content, this water is ideal for the prevention of caries in children. As a drink, it is also of great benefit to pregnant women.

Properties of the spring water at 1,370 m a.s.l.:
  • Temperature 6,1° C
  • Conductivity μS/cm 1970
  • Sulphurs mg/l 1430
  • Calcium mg/l 560
  • Alkalinity mg/l 219
  • Magnesium mg/l 59
  • Strontium mg/l 5,90
  • Fluorides mg/l 1,10
  • Iron mg/l 0,160
  • Manganese mg/l 0,005

Details of the sulphur spring
The Tre Cime a massive
of the Dolomites of Sesto
TermeSana In the 2500 m² wellness centre you will find a swimming pool, whirlpool, various saunas, relaxation areas and treatment rooms.
Thermal Water Experience a very special wellness pleasure in the Hotel Bad Moos with its own sulphur spring from the Val Fiscalina.
Activities & Relax The ideal location in the middle of the Three Peaks Nature Park, Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, promises pure mountain feeling.
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+39 0474 713100
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